Travel more to places you'll love.

Swapsy is a home exchange community with regenerative travel at its heart. It enables like-minded travellers to swap homes in dream destinations and leave behind positive footprints.

Dream destinations.

Our homes are hand-picked from dream travel destinations, meaning you'll be loving every place you swap with. 

More travel.

Save thousands on holiday accommodation every year, leaving extra cash for more travel and even more memories.

Positive footprints.

Access exciting regenerative travel experiences that you can easily support with money saved on holiday accommodation.

Curated homes.

The homes we select for Swapsy fit similar criteria, not only with their location but also their level of quality, convenience and surroundings. This means that whoever you home swap with, you’ll be loving their place as much as your own.


Suffolk Park, NSW

House with a pool, close to the surf






Patonga, NSW

Rock Davis luxury beachouse






Suffolk Park, NSW

Beautiful garden oasis






Bondi Beach, NSW

Beachside apartment with ocean views





Dream destinations.

Our members live in locations that are inspiring, dream travel destinations - surrounded by natural beauty, culture and plenty of memorable experiences to immerse yourself in.

More home swap locations are coming. In the meantime, feel free to suggest a location.

Regenerative travel experiences.

We believe that every travel journey should leave a lasting positive impact on the traveller, the communities visited and the environment. So we showcase regenerative travel experiences that our members can easily add to a swap, as well as support with a financial contribution.

Launching mid 2024

A like-minded community.

We’re building a community of like-minded people that value sharing more than just their homes. They share a spirit of exploration, welcome new connections and believe in giving back more than they take from the places visit.

Why use Swapsy?

Regenerative travel.

Access experiences that enable you to give back more than you take from the places you visit.

Better locations.

Discover locations from the most inspiring travel destinations around Australia... soon the world!

Curated homes.

Unlock hand-picked homes, meaning whoever you swap with you'll be loving their place too.


Do I need insurance cover when I swap?

Even though the people you are swapping with will treat your home with care, much like their own, it's always good to know you are covered if any accidents happen. For complete piece of mind, you should consider the following types of insurance cover before you swap your home with someone else:

Furniture & furnishings
Cover for loss or damage to furniture, furnishings and carpet in your property.

Liability for injury or damage
Cover for your legal liability in some situations if someone is injured or their property is damaged.

At this stage, Swapsy does not offer insurance cover so it's best to check with your home insurer to see what you are already covered for. We recommend NRMA Insurance* as they have the most comprehensive cover.

If you would like to know more about insurance cover, ask us about insurance.

* We have no affiliation with NRMA, we are just providing you with the most suitable insurance option for home swapping.

How do you verify someone's identity when they join Swapsy?

Everyone who joins Swapsy first has to complete an identity verification process. This ensures that their Swapper profile is legitimate and they actually live in the home that they are listing. We use an established third party service called InfoTrack, who verify all documents against the Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS) as well as using facial recognition technology.

No matter who you decide to swap with, this process gives you the confidence that you are connecting with genuine humans!

How do I know that people will look after my home?

Well, they will probably be thinking the same thing. On top of identity verification, every swapper is required to enter a reciprocal agreement where they agree to adhere to a set of Swap Standards. Such as providing a minimum level of safety, cleanliness, security and respect during every house swap.

We are continuously striving to create a genuine, like-minded community built on a core value of respect.

How should I prepare my home before a house swap?

Both swappers agree to adhere to a set of Swap Standards when preparing their homes for a swap. These include providing:

- A tidy home
- Clean kitchen and bathrooms
- An empty fridge
- Fresh linen on the beds
- Clean towels
- Adequate toiletries
- Kitchen and bathroom cleaning products
- Instructions on home use, eg. Wifi access, appliances
- Security requirements
- Clear house rules, eg. No parties, keep noise down after 9pm etc.

Swap Standards ensure that both swappers have clear expectations and the swap goes smoothly. We want everyone to have the best possible experience during a home swap.

How should I leave someone’s home after I house swap?

Both parties agree to leave each others homes in the condition they found them. This includes leaving behind:

- A tidy home
- Clean kitchen with dishes washed
- An empty fridge

Can I still swap if I rent my home?

You don't need to own your home to be able to swap. However if you are renting we suggest first checking with your landlord to see how they would feel letting other people stay while you are not there.

Do we have to swap homes at the same time?

It's up to you and who you are swapping with. Swapsy has two options available when arranging a swap - Simple Swap (same dates) and Flexi Swap (different dates). When discussing the terms of a swap, you can decide what option works best for you both.

Can I swap an apartment for a house?

Of course! It's not just about the home, it's also about the location. That's why the homes we select for Swapsy fit similar criteria, not only with their location but also their quality, convenience and surroundings.

Something else you need to know? Ask us a question.

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