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Central Coast, Australia
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Relax and unwind in our newly renovated home with everything you need for the ultimate holiday. With expansive glass doors looking out to the north facing backyard and a large front deck looking over Terrigal Lagoon, there are views from all angles and plenty of spaces to enjoy your time away. A fully appointed gourmet kitchen with multiple dining areas makes for easy entertaining. This is a family home with a Master bed and Ensuite plus 2 kids bedrooms (ages boy 5 and girl 7) and 4th bedroom that we have set as out office/ spare bedroom. This room has a bed that can be used as a single but also pulls out to a full size King, depending on your needs. You can use our office set ups (we have 2 desks with monitors and docking stations) if you need to work while you are here OR we can pack them away, let us know what's best for you. Although they are not proper 'Sofa Beds' there are two single bed size sofa's that can be used as sofa beds for kids if you have a few extra's that need housing somewhere to sleep. The backyard has a 12 ft trampoline, climbing frame with swings and a little tree fort. There's a little veggie garden too which you can forage if you're short some herbs or tomato's for dinner. We are pet friends here so you can bring your furry child as long as you keep them off the sofas and beds :)

Only a 5 minute walk to Wamberal beach, 15 min walk to Terrigal. With views over Terrigal Lagoon we have awesome coffee, pizza, burgers and fine dining with a 5 minute walk away.

Features you’ll love
Beach access
Ocean views
Outdoor area
Games room
Swimming Pool
Spa/hot tub
Indoor fireplace
Outdoor firepit
Walking distance
15 mins or less
3 mins
12 mins
15 mins
15 mins
21 mins
21 mins
Sleeping options
Bedroom 1
2 singles
1 double
Bedroom 1
1 queen
1 king
Bedroom 1
1 bunk
1 sofa bed
Bedroom 1
2 singles
1 double
Coffee machine
Air conditioning
Smart TV
Built-in wardrobes
Kid friendly
Local experiences
Recommended by
Jasmin & Scott
, Australia
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