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2 bedroom apartment minutes from Bondi Beach. Private top floor unit with ocean glimpses & sunlight streaming through every room.

You will be staying amongst Sydney’s best beach’s - Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte. Lots of outdoor recreation and dining on your doorstep but still easy access to the city. We are situated on a quieter street, but only 5-10 min walking distance from the Hall street/Bondi road where you''ll find restaurants, bars, cafes and supermarkets.

Features you’ll love
Beach access
Ocean views
Outdoor area
Games room
Swimming Pool
Spa/hot tub
Indoor fireplace
Outdoor firepit
Walking distance
15 mins or less
3 mins
12 mins
15 mins
15 mins
21 mins
21 mins
Sleeping options
Bedroom 1
2 singles
1 double
Bedroom 1
1 queen
1 king
Bedroom 1
1 bunk
1 sofa bed
Bedroom 1
2 singles
1 double
Coffee machine
Air conditioning
Smart TV
Built-in wardrobes
Kid friendly
Local experiences
Recommended by
Nicole & Neil
Bondi-Coggee Costal Walk
Bondi beach, we are steps away from the start of the walk.
Start at the iconic Bondi beach and walk along scenic sea cliffs. You might even see a whale, dolphin or 2. Whale season is May-Nov so keep your eyes peeled! Stop off at the Bogey hole cafe at Bronte beach for great coffee and brunch. If you are here in spring you can’t miss Sculptures by the sea, the annual sculptures exhibition. If you want to venture further of field, the heritage walk, starting in Watsons bay is also very worthwhile.
Outdoors & Nature
Surf, swim, snorkel or hang out at Bondi beach
Bondi beach
Bondi beach speaks for itself. Plenty of opportunities for sunrise yoga, beach walks, snorkelling off north Bondi rocks, ocean swimming and surfing. There are free share boards on the north bondi beach ramp near the ocean pools. The grass areas on both ends of the beach make great picnic spots. Alternatively sit comfortably at one of the beach front bars and cafes and enjoy the ocean view. Theres also usually something on at the Bondi Pavilion, from exhibitions to film screenings. Choose your own adventure!
Food & Dining
Bondi beach
This is our current favourite restaurant for a nice dinner. Great service, delicious Mediterranean food and fun atmosphere. Be sure to book on weekends.
Bondi Beach, NSW
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